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ABOUT WILLY NILLY CREATIVITY                                                                (AND WHAT'S UP WITH THE SQUIRREL?!)

Our story is one that began so many years ago with a desire to create and share our love of all kinds of crafting including handcrafted soap. 

We are proud that all of our creations are made out of ethically resourced materials, and that our soap is kind to everyone's skin.  We use the cold process method of making soap.   

Each bar of soap differs from another in not only looks but also in the make up.  Please read the description which includes information regarding the fragrance (if any) as well as of ingredients (for those that may have allergies).

The squirrel is a creature who is always going from here to there seemingly enjoying life.  We try to do our best to embody that spirit.  You will note a pretty design in the tail but may not be quite sure what it is.   It is actually a "bind rune" which we created out of a number of single "runes" as our way of making a wish for each of our customers to include protection, prosperity, joy and renewal.  Every soap is made with love and good thoughts and energy.  We hope you feel when you use.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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